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Step into a world of wonder at Germany’s Phantasialand theme park. With exhilarating rides like the launched flying roller coaster, immersive themed lands including Mexico, Africa, and China, and captivating live performances, there’s excitement a...

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Did you know?

Phantasialand hosts the world’s first launched flying roller coaster, F.L.Y., which is also the longest flying roller coaster in the world.

The Colorado Adventure, a themed mine train roller coaster at the park, was officially inaugurated by US singer and dancer, the late Michael Jackson.

All the roller coasters and themed areas in Phantasialand are enhanced with special music interwoven through all the experiences. The accompanying soundtracks add to the mystical, spooky, or exhilarating nature of the rides, immersing guests deeper in the themes and storytelling.

Must-visit zones inside Phantasialand theme park

A world of wonder awaits at Phantasialand, one of Germany’s premier amusement parks. It features 6 unique themed zones, each meticulously crafted to make you feel like you have stepped into another world. With thrilling roller coasters, fairytale-inspired themed attractions, and relaxing boat rides, this amusement park offers something for everyone.

Deep in Africa

  • Authentic African architecture: This zone transports visitors to an African village with its detailed theming. From thatched roofs to intricate wooden carvings, their attention to detail creates a convincing and immersive environment.
  • Lush landscapes: The area is filled with vibrant and dense vegetation, including tropical plants, trees, and flowers. The greenery enhances the feeling of being in an exotic African landscape, providing a beautiful and natural backdrop for the attractions.
  • Colorful art and decor: Throughout the area, you will find various pieces of colorful murals, wooden sculptures, and handmade artifacts. You will also find cascading waterfalls and life-like animal figurines, adding to the experience. 
  • Themed pathways and bridges: The walking pathways in this zone have been seamlessly integrated into the themed structures. You will find stone paths and wooden bridges, resembling that of an African village. 
  • Ambient sounds and music: The soundscape in Deep in Africa is carefully curated with traditional African music and animal sounds. The musical scores and colorful decor enhance the immersive atmosphere and transport you deeper into the African theme. 
  • Black Mamba: Gear up for an inverted roller coaster adventure on Black Mamba. It is a dizzying experience, where you will spend more time topsy-turvy than any other roller coaster in the park. The coaster also includes sharp turns and sudden jolts, making it a favorite among thrill seekers.
  • Deep in Africa- Adventure Trail: If you are feeling adventurous, step out on an exploration journey. The Adventure Trail in the African Zone winds through the thick jungle, offering close encounters with realistic animal figures like elephants and zebras. It is almost a replica of a safari through the savannas. Keep an eye out for explorer campsites. 
  • Mopti’s Monkey Depot: This area offers a fun playground for the youngest explorers. There is a massive indoor and outdoor climbing structure, which encourages children to let out their inner ‘monkey’ selves and navigate through slides, tunnels, nets, and climbing challenges. There is a separate area nearby, where parents and guardians can relax, while their children have a blast exploring the multi-level play zone.
  • Miji African Dancer: In this show, the performers showcase a variety of traditional African dances, characterized by rhythmic movements, intricate footwork, and expressive body language. Each dance tells a story and reflects the cultural heritage of different African regions.
  • The Dragons and their Friends: The Deep in Africa Zone offers one-on-one meeting opportunities with dragons, more or less the park’s official mascot. The African dragon is named Kroka and has multi-colored patterns and spots on its back. These playful interactions make the zone particularly engaging for families and younger visitors.
  • Baobab: Baobab's menu is a celebration of traditional dishes such as jollof rice, egusi soup, and grilled tilapia, each prepared with an emphasis on authenticity and fresh ingredients. The decor pays homage to African heritage through intricate patterns, bold colors, and stunning baobab tree motifs.
  • Restaurant Zambesi: Restaurant Zambesi offers a variety of South African dishes like hearty soups and juicy meats, including peri-peri chicken, biltong, and maize-based items like pap and sadza.
  • Karimbu Bar: This bar specializes in African-inspired cocktails, featuring exotic fruits and unique spices. You must try their Amarula Colada and the Baobab Martini. The bar also hosts live music and DJ nights, creating a festive environment where visitors can dance and unwind.
  • Jafari Bar: The Jafari Bar offers a more relaxed atmosphere, focusing on premium spirits and expertly crafted cocktails. The interior is elegantly designed with rich fabrics, dim lighting, and intricate artwork that reflects African heritage.
  • Restaurant Bantu: Their menu showcases a variety of East African traditional dishes such as spicy peanut stew, plantain-based meals, and a selection of vegetarian options like sukuma wiki and matoke.
  • Hotel Matamba: Hotel Matamba offers a unique opportunity to completely immerse yourself in African heritage. From colorful walls, printed fabrics, and intricate hand-made decor, every room is designed to pay tribute to the rich African heritage. This 3-star hotel provides convenience at every step. Relax by the outdoor pool, sample their delicious, African-inspired dishes, and get easy access to nearby attractions.
  • Kilamba Shop: At this shop, you will find handcrafted jewelry, made from beads, metals, and natural materials like bone and wood, a range of fabrics such as kente, mud cloth, and Ankara, and unique decorative items like handmade pottery pieces, woven baskets, and carved wooden statues. The shop also offers original artwork and prints by African artists, often depicting scenes from the African countryside and wildlife. You will also find beauty products and skincare items made with ingredients like shea butter, baobab oil, and African black soap, known for their nourishing properties.


  • Traditional Mexican design: The architecture in the Mexico Zone reflects the charm of a historic Mexican village, including structures with colorful facades, terracotta roofs, and rustic wooden doors. 
  • Vibrant landscaping: The area is adorned with cacti and desert plants that are native to Mexico. The landscaping enhances the thematic atmosphere and makes for a striking contrast against the colorful buildings. 
  • Mexican art and decor: This zone is one of the most colorful and vibrant zones inside Phantasialand. You will find beautiful murals, mosaic tiles, and traditional Mexican decorations such as pottery and handcrafted textiles. These artistic elements add to the cultural richness and authenticity of the area.
  • Themed courtyards: The winding pathways between the buildings and rides resemble the narrow paths in Mexican town squares. Stroll through the stone courtyards and open plazas and experience a slice of Mexico in Phantasialand Bruhl.
  • Ambient sounds: As soon as you enter the area, you will be enveloped in traditional Mexican tunes, like mariachi bands and folk music, along with natural sounds, like bird songs and flowing water.
  • Talocan: This thrilling ride combines the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster with the refreshing splash of a water ride. Brace yourself for unexpected drops, exciting twists, and a final plunge into the cool water, all within a mythological Mayan temple setting.
  • Colorado Adventure: The Colorado Adventure is a mine train coaster that takes you on a wild ride through the dusty canyons and rickety mines of the Wild West. Make sure to hold on tight as you pass through tunnels, dodge dynamite explosions, and plummet down thrilling drops.
  • Chiapas- DIE Wasserbahn: Set in a detailed environment inspired by the ancient Mayan civilization, Chiapas is renowned for having an almost 53-degree drop, one of the steepest on any log flume ride.
  • Tikal: Tikal is a family-friendly drop tower ride that offers gentle thrills suitable for all ages. The ride features a series of bounces and drops, perfect for introducing young adventurers to free-fall towers. 
  • Rock on Ice: Rock on Ice combines the artistry of figure skating with the energy of a rock concert. Witness talented skaters glide across the ice, performing breathtaking jumps and spins while iconic rock anthems blare through the speakers. With pyrotechnic effects and a killer stage set, they make for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. This show is a crowd-pleaser, perfect for families and anyone who loves a good dose of rock and roll energy.
  • Battle of the Best: Another show that combines athletic pursuits with musical scores, the Battle of the Best showcases gravity-defying acrobatics. Two teams compete against each other in a unique setting, where they present their basketball skills over a trampoline. The show features high-energy music and synchronized routines. It’s perfect for those looking for a fresh take on traditional athletic performances.
  • Restaurant Cocorico: Restaurant Cocorico offers a festive dining experience with a menu that includes flavorful Mexican dishes such as tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas, served in a vibrant and lively setting.
  • La Cantina Tacana: They offer a buffet-style dining experience with a wide variety of Mexican specialties, including fajitas, burritos, and chili con carne.
  • Focaccia Mexico: This restaurant offers a unique fusion of Italian and Mexican cuisines. You must try their focaccia bread topped with spicy chorizo, jalapenos, and fresh guacamole.
  • Slush Mexico: Slush Mexico is the perfect spot to cool down with a refreshing selection of slush drinks in various fruity flavors.
  • Hot Dogs and Tortilla Chips Mexico: They serve classic American hot dogs with a Mexican twist, alongside crispy tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole, offering a quick and tasty snack option for visitors on the go.


  • Gothic Medieval architecture: The Mystery Zone features dramatic gothic and medieval-inspired buildings, with dark stone facades, imposing towers, and intricate ironwork. The architecture creates a sense of adventure, encouraging visitors to explore tales of ancient castles and forgotten realms.
  • Overgrown landscaping: The area is filled with dense, overgrown vegetation, including ivy-covered walls and towering trees. The landscaping is done in a way that casts an immense shadow over the space, adding to the mysterious ambiance of the zone. 
  • Mysterious artifacts: You will find several ancient-looking statues, weathered scrolls, and intriguing symbols placed around the zone. It enhances the eerie and spooky atmosphere inside the Mystery Zone.
  • Dark pathways and alleys: This zone also features winding cobblestone pathways, wooden bridges, and hidden trails. The pathways are often shrouded in mist or barely lit up with wispy lanterns, adding to the haunting ambiance inside. 
  • Haunting melodies: The soundscape in the Mystery Zone includes haunting melodies, the rustling of leaves, distant echoes, and the sounds of nature. This carefully curated music score heightens the sense of mystery in the zone.
  • Taron: Taron holds the title for the world’s fastest multi-launch rollercoaster, going from 0 to 49 mph in an instant. Navigate multiple inversions, tight turns, and near misses,  all within the magical kingdom of Klugheim. 
  • Raik: This ride is the world’s most family-friendly boomerang rollercoaster. Raik also has sharp turns and steep drops, only running slightly slower than the multi-launch speed demon. For young children who cannot yet ride on Taron, the Raik is a good alternative. 
  • Mystery Castle: For a different kind of thrill, head to the Mystery Castle drop tower. Take in the park’s scenic views and brace yourself for a heart-stopping drop, which will leave you screaming and breathless. 
  • River Quest: The River Quest, as its name suggests, takes you on a wet journey through a mysterious jungle river. Navigate churning rapids and encounter sudden surprises as you explore ancient ruins. Rest assured, you will be soaked by the end of your ride!
  • Rutmor’s Taverne: This medieval-themed restaurant offers a hearty menu with dishes like roasted meats, savory stews, and freshly baked bread.
  • Kornmuller’s Crepes: This snack stand offers a variety of delicious crepes, both sweet and savory, made to order and filled with options like Nutella, fresh fruits, ham, and cheese, perfect for a quick and satisfying treat.
  • Heisser Baldur: Heisser Baldur presents a range of warm and comforting beverages, including mulled wine, hot chocolate, and spiced cider, making it an ideal spot to warm up and relax.
  • Humpenbede: This restaurant provides a variety of traditional German snacks and drinks, including pretzels, sausages, and local beer amidst medieval tavern-like decor.


  • Historic industrial architecture: The Berlin Zone is designed like the city in the 1920s, blending Victorian-era industrial elements with futuristic fantasy. The buildings are made with brick facades, iron frameworks, and large glass windows.
  • Vibrant streetscape: The area resembles the city of Berlin and has similar cobblestone streets and benches. The narrow alleyways, iron bridges, and elevated walkways create a multi-layered environment inside this zone. 
  • Artistic decor: Throughout the zone, you find artistic touches such as murals, vintage posters, and sculptures that celebrate Berlin's rich cultural heritage. These decor elements add to the authentic feel and offer interesting visuals at every turn.
  • Innovative lighting: The lighting in the Berlin Zone plays a significant role in setting the mood. Warm glowing lights from the lanterns and street lamps cast a soft glow on the walking pathways, making for a direct contrast with the steel-encased buildings. 
  • Sound of machinery: This zone is always buzzing with the hum of heavy machinery, the hiss of steam engines, and the clanking of metal. These sounds enhance the feeling of being in a bustling, industrialized world. 
  • F.L.Y: The F.L.Y is an innovative roller coaster, where you can experience feeling weightless. The ride suspends you beneath the tracks and throws you sharp curves while passing through gravity-defying loops and inversions. 
  • Maus au Chocolat: The Maus au Chocolat is an interactive attraction, where a group of visitors can use 3D glasses and ‘icing guns’ to help mice from intruders in a bakery-themed environment. 
  • Hotel Tartuff: This ride is similar to a madhouse, containing a whimsical maze of quirky rooms, moving floors, and optical illusions. If you love a dizzying adventure, try entering Hotel Tartuff. Even the most stoic adults feel disoriented and confused after this ride. 
  • Wellenflug: The Wellenflug in the Berlin Zone is a casual, swinging ride, with dancing fountains underneath, which provide beautiful views of the surrounding areas. It is perfect for families with young children. 
  • Bolles Riesenrad: This is a children’s special ride, featuring a small Ferris wheel, that provides a relaxing break from all the walking. You can also spot the nearby roller coasters and look out towards the other zones. 
  • Restaurant Uhrweck: Restaurant Uhrwerk serves hearty German cuisine with a modern twist, featuring dishes like schnitzel, sausages, and rich potato salads.
  • Tortchen & Co.: The Tortchen patisserie offers a delectable array of cakes, pastries, and sweet treats, paired perfectly with a selection of coffees and teas, making it an ideal spot for an indulgent break.
  • Unter den Linden: This restaurant provides a cozy dining experience, which includes traditional German favorites like hearty soups, sandwiches, and freshly baked bread.
  • Lilli’s Cafe: Lilly’s Cafe offers comforting favorites like sandwiches, pastries, and a selection of hot and cold beverages, perfect for a relaxing snacking experience.
  • Food truck-Crepes: This food truck provides freshly prepared sweet and savory crepes, providing a quick and tasty option for visitors looking to enjoy a classic European street food treat while exploring the Berlin Zone.
  • Hotel Charles Lindbergh: Step into a world of vintage luxury at Hotel Charles Lindbergh. Set amidst the 1920’s Berlin industrial architecture, their rooms feature exposed bricks, metal pipes, and steel artwork. Each room in this hotel is designed to resemble an aviator's cabin. All luxury rooms offer stunning views of the surrounding vintage architecture and provide easy access to the nearby F.L.Y coaster. The steampunk aesthetic, hearty, contemporary European cuisine, and wellness facilities make this hotel a top choice for theme park enthusiasts.
  • Haus der 6 Drachen: The largest Phantasialand shop, Haus der 6 Drachen, literally meaning ‘House of the 6 Dragons’, offers a wide range of dragon-themed souvenirs. Dragons are more or less commonly known as the official mascot of the Phantasialand theme park. You will also find a vast selection of merchandise, including plush toys, keychains, mugs, t-shirts, hats, water bottles, notebooks, phone cases, postcards, and magnets.
  • Emilie’s Chocoladen & Candy Werkstatt: This shop is a delightful haven for anyone with a sweet tooth, offering a variety of handmade confections. You can sample a wide variety of candies, from traditional favorites to innovative new treats, including hard candies, caramels, nougats, and gummies, all made with natural ingredients.


  • Whimsical architecture: The Fantasy Zone is a dreamy wonderland for visitors who love mythical creatures and fairytales. The place is filled with colorful facades, quirky shapes, and whimsical decor, perfect for sparking your imagination.
  • Vibrant landscaping: The area is adorned with lush gardens, vibrant flowers, and carefully manicured hedges. Water fountains and small streams add to the magical ambiance, creating a picturesque and inviting environment.
  • Fantasy-themed decor: This zone is filled with sculptures of mythical creatures, oversized mushrooms, and fairy-tale characters, enhancing the storybook feel of the area. 
  • Charming bridges and walking paths: The Fantasy Zone features winding pathways and floral bridges. The paths are lined with decorated lamp posts, which cast a warm glow on the streets. 
  • Twinkling lights and magical music: The soundscape of this zone features soft music, the gentle sound of flowing water, and the occasional chirping of birds. Stepping into this zone will instantly transport you to the fairytale of your dreams. 
  • Winja’s Fear: This indoor roller coaster is perfect for horror lovers and thrill seekers. The ride takes you along a spooky castle, filled with unexpected twists, turns, and drops in the dark.
  • Winja’s Force: Winja’s Force, the twin coaster to Winja’s Fear, offers a similarly exhilarating experience with its distinct track layout. It runs at a higher speed and propels you forward and backward through a series of loops, corkscrews, and drops.
  • Crazy Bats: Crazy Bats is the world’s longest VR family roller coaster. You are seated with high-quality virtual reality headsets, as the coaster navigates through sharp turns and gentle drops. The advanced VR technology enhances the thrilling experience, making it a favorite among animation enthusiasts and families with young adventurers. 
  • Tittle Tattle Tree: This multi-level playhouse was designed for children and includes a number of climbing nets, slides, and tunnels. The colorful elements and vibrant atmosphere make it a popular choice for families. 
  • Wakobato: Wakobato is an interactive water ride set on a serene lake in the Fantasy Zone. You are given water cannons and sent on a relaxing journey. Along the way, you can shoot targets and trigger fun water effects and animations.
  • Schwan Snack: The Schwan Snack stand offers a variety of quick and delicious treats, like bratwurst, pretzels, and refreshing beverages, perfect for visitors on the go.

China Town

  • Traditional Chinese architecture: This zone features beautifully crafted buildings that showcase traditional Chinese elements like pagoda roofs, ornate wooden carvings, and vibrant red and gold color schemes.
  • Oriental garden elements: The China Town Zone, especially the area around the Feng Ju Palace, is adorned with trimmed gardens, including bamboo groves, koi ponds, and blooming cherry blossoms. The serene and picturesque landscaping provides a tranquil escape and adds to the authenticity of the setting.
  • Cultural decor: Throughout the China Zone, you will come across vibrant dragon-themed sculptures, intricate lanterns, and traditional calligraphy. These elements contribute to the cultural richness and visual appeal of the area.
  • Themed pathways: The zone features stone pathways, arched bridges, and decorative gates. Several red lanterns adorn these paths, resembling festive Chinese streets. Stroll around these walkways and appreciate the beauty and detail in these surroundings.
  • Immersive music scores: Stepping into China Town is like being transported to the Chinese countryside. You will be greeted by traditional Chinese flute tones, the gentle rustling of bamboo leaves, and the soothing sounds of a flowing stream. 
  • Feng Ju Palace: The Feng Ju Palace is a unique madhouse, composed of spinning rooms and illusion spaces, which draw visitors into an ancient Chinese legend. You will enter a grand hall, where you will hear a story and the seating benches will seem to move with the room, making for a dizzying encounter. 
  • Geister Rikscha: If you are interested in folklore and ghost stories, this haunting ride is perfect for you. Visitors board rickshaws that glide through eerie landscapes. The ride moves slowly, allowing you to engage deeply with the somber surroundings. 
  • Dragon Wang: The Dragon Wang is an interactive fun ride, mostly popular among families and children. Here, a series of dragon-themed vehicles gently rise and drop around a central point. The colorful dragons and traditional red and gold motifs create a vibrant atmosphere. 
  • Mandschu: For authentic Chinese food lovers, Manschu is a must-visit within the China Town of Phantasialand. Find favorites like Peking duck and sweet and sour chicken, all served in an elegant, themed setting.
  • China Snack: If you want to grab a quick bite before heading to an attraction, head to the China Snack. They offer Chinese fast-food options like spring rolls, dim sum, and noodle boxes, perfect for a tasty and satisfying meal on the go.
  • Asia Food Market: This restaurant is more like a street food market, lined with sushi, stir-fry, and curry stands, encouraging visitors to try dishes from all over Asia. 
  • Restaurant Bamboo: This restaurant specializes in a buffet of Pan-Asian delicacies, including fresh sushi, sizzling teppanyaki, and stir-fried noodles. The red and gold motifs in the place’s decor add to the beautiful ambiance. 
  • Li River Bar: The Li River Bar offers a selection of Asian-inspired cocktails, teas, and light snacks like sandwiches and pastries, making it an ideal spot to rewind amidst rushing from one ride to the next.
  • Hotel Ling Bao: This 4-star hotel boasts stylish, Asian-inspired rooms and suites, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of luxury. Indulge in delectable Asian cuisine at the hotel's restaurants, unwind at the spa with rejuvenating treatments, or take a refreshing dip in the pool. The hotel also has a sprawling manicured garden, perfect for a leisurely stroll. Enjoy stunning views of the nearby zones and attractions from your rooms and get easy access to the closest Feng Ju Palace madhouse. Its upscale amenities and refined ambiance provide a relaxing environment for visitors.
  • China Pagode: This shop offers a wide selection of Asian-inspired merchandise, including traditional Chinese garments such as qipaos (cheongsams) for women and tang suits for men. These items are made from silk and feature intricate embroidery. The shop also offers porcelain and ceramic items, including vases, teapots, plates, and decorative figurines, decorated with dragons, phoenixes, and floral patterns.

Frequently asked questions about Phantasialand

Is the Phantasialand theme park worth visiting?

The Phantasialand theme park offers 6 unique themed zones, transporting you to different worlds. From thrilling rides and spectacular shows to unique dining and shopping opportunities, there's something for everyone. Families with young children and visitors with disabilities can also enjoy the park’s rides and attractions.

How many days do you need to explore the park?

You need a full day to explore the rides and shows inside each themed zone. Phantasialand is quite popular and attracts tourists from all over the world. There are long lines outside each attraction, especially the thrilling coasters, so you need to keep a minimum of 5 to 6 hours in hand when visiting this theme park. For the ultimate immersive experience, we recommend staying over at one of the Phantasialand Hotels.

What is the fastest ride at Phantasialand?

The world’s fastest multi-launch roller coaster, Taron is located in the heart of the Mystery Zone in Phantasialand. It features over 116 crossovers, weaving between the tracks and narrowly missing structures and waterfalls, making for a heart-pounding experience.

What is the best time to visit the theme park?

April to May and September to October are the best months to visit Phantasialand. The weather is pleasant and crowds are slightly less than the peak summer months. Most roller coasters like Raik, Taron, Talocan, and Black Mamba have long wait lines regardless of the season. Make sure to book Phantasialand entry tickets online in advance and queue early in the day to make the most of your visit.

Does the park have any special occasions or events?

During Halloween, the Phantasialand theme park turns into a spooky wonderland, with special themed rides. And, from late November to late January, Phantasialand Wintertraum is in full swing, meaning the park is adorned with millions of twinkling lights and illuminated trees, creating a magical ambiance. The park is more crowded during these special occasions, however, pre-booking tickets online and queuing early in the day will help you get access to these events.

Do I need separate tickets for any attraction?

The Phantasialand entry tickets offer access to all rides and attractions within the themed zones. If you want to experience one of the shows, like Fantissima, Battle of the Best, or Rock on Ice, you have to book separate tickets.

Can I take my children to Phantasialand?

Yes, Phantasialand caters to visitors of all ages. In every zone, there are carousel rides, mini free-fall towers, interactive mazes, and relaxing boat rides for children. The Bolles Flugschule and Bolles Riesenrad in the Berlin Zone are a huge draw for young adventurers. The Fantasy Zone, with their jumping frogs and fairytale character-themed coasters, is also sure to delight young guests. Mopti’s Monkey Depot is one such area, where children can play, and guardians can supervise them from a nearby area.

Is the Phantasialand open throughout the year?

Yes, the theme park is open throughout the year. Phantasialand opening times vary according to season and special occasions. The theme park is open from 9am to 6pm daily. During the summer months, between mid-July and the end of August, the park is open for an hour longer, until 7pm. And, during Wintertraum, between 16 November and 26 January, Phantasialand is open from 11am to 8pm.

How to reach Phantasialand from Cologne?

Take a regional (RE and RB) train from the Cologne Central station (Koln Hauptbahnhof) to Bruhl station. The ride takes around 15 to 20 minutes. You can also take the S-Bahn 18 from Cologne to Bruhl. From Bruhl, you can catch the park’s shuttle bus to the Berlin Zone entrance gate. The shuttle bus operates regularly and is timed to coincide with the arrival of trains.

Can I smoke inside Phantasialand?

Unlike theme parks in the United States, you can smoke inside the Phantasialand theme park. However, be sure to throw the cigarette butts in the trash bins.